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About Saken Sports and Day Camp

Starting in 1994, Saken has become Los Angeles’ premier sports camp provider offering specialty athletic camps, clinics, and a wide variety of traditional camp activities. We are proud to be celebrating our 30th anniversary!

Sports camps and clinics are held year-round for campers ages 5-17. We offer summer, winter, and spring camps at multiple locations centrally located to Encino, Bel Air, Sherman Oaks, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, Palisades, and Tarzana. We also offer an ongoing Camper / Counselor-In-Training program for boys and girls in grades 9th-12th.

Mission Statement

Saken Sports Camp is built on the philosophy that all children should have a phenomenal camp experience regardless of their gender, age, or athletic ability. Saken Sports Camp focuses on building character and emphasizes playing with pride, playing with honor, and playing for fun. Our goal is to ensure that each camper has an unforgettable experience participating in various sports, games, and activities in a safe environment. When a camper leaves SSC, they will possess an enhanced value of sportsmanship, character, and self-confidence. We are an inclusive Summer Camp and Spring Camp. Financial aid available. Contact for any additional camp inquiries.  

Play With Pride – Play With Honor – Play For Fun

Saken Camp History

Saken Sports Camp was founded in summer 1994 by Coach Rio and a few of his best pals who loved to play sports all day. Since it began, Saken has been one of LA’s premier sports and day camps, catering to campers ages 5-17, where sports, games, and exciting activities fulfill each day. Saken is a family oriented sports camp where each camper is made to feel like coming to camp is their second home. Saken is one of the most comprehensive and inclusive sports programs in the city where core values such as honesty, respect, teamwork, self-esteem, confidence, and excellent sportsmanship are promoted daily. You do not have to be a “great athlete” to love Saken.

Coach Rio

As the director, Coach Rio believes in a “hands on approach,” and is involved in all aspects of the program, greeting and working with children daily to insure their positive experience. His commitment to your child’s happiness is unparalleled in the coaching and camp communities.

A Los Angeles native, Coach Rio has been teaching and coaching at the elementary and middle school levels for over 30 years. He is currently coaching at a local private school in Los Angeles, where he has been for over 25 years. Coach Rio has led his teams in football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, swimming, and soccer to over 35 championship league titles. However, he will tell you his favorite aspect of coaching is not winning championships, but it is helping to build character in athletes through teaching them respect, compassion, kindness, and honesty towards their teammates as well as their opponents. Coach Rio is thrilled to have so many of his former students come back to camp to be counselors and coaches.


The staff at Saken are respected, well-trained and experienced teachers, coaches, athletes, and college students in the community who have a passion for teaching children.

Sports Specialty Camps and Clinics

In addition to our very popular Traditional Camp, Saken offers Sports Specific programs to practice skills, build fundamentals, and improve confidence in a variety of sports. High-level coaches lead each clinic with Coach Rio. Sports Specific Clinics / Camps are geared for children in grades 2nd-9th.

Summer Awards at SSC Include:

Camper of the Year

Sportsperson of the Year

Camp “Toddy Award”

Camper of the Week

Camper of the Day

Sportsmanship Award

Special Recognition Award

Daily Morning “Shout-Outs” to campers in each group

Saken Camp / Clinics Philosophy

Saken is committed to providing each athlete with an enjoyable camp and learning experience. We understand that the primary reason young athletes participate in sports is to have fun while competing with each other. We believe every athlete matters and should be given the opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge and skills, and we will provide that opportunity. We believe that while competing to win is important, the greater value lies in competing with honor, practicing good sportsmanship, and being gracious in victory and defeat.

Saken Sports Camp Inc. is an independent program and is not sanctioned, conducted, supervised, or reviewed by the School. We are an independent program and must be considered individually based on our merits.